Welkom to the website of De Buurtklusser Tongelre

De Buurtklusser Tongelre is a reliable, payable and skilled one man business in your neighbourhood and helps out with all kind of jobs in and around your house. From painting your house to writing a letter.

Who am I and what do I do?
My name is Marc Niessen and I live with my two children at Warande 36 in the district Geestenberg in Tongelre, Eindhoven. I help out people with all kind of jobs around their house. Maybe you for example don't have time to do these jobs, you don't feel like doing them or you simply are not capable (anymore) to do them. In every household there are a number of things that still have to be done but. Allthough they are slightly annoying everytime you are confronted with them, you take them for granted. To get rid off that you could make a list of all these jobs and I take care of them in a skilful way. I also do larger works like the complete painting of your house or lay a floor.
I gladly advise you en discus your jobs with you, free of charge and without engagement.

I can paint just a door or a window but also your entire house.
My agenda 2020 for outside painting is not yet full.
You can contact me for a quotation. I paint outside from april until oktober depending the weather. I accept inside paintwork from april until oktober when outside painting is not possible due to the weather.

Check out the jobs I can do for you on my jobs (activities) page