Jobs (activities)

Where can I help you with?
All kind of repairs in and around your house
Maintenance jobs like paintwork; painting is my specialisation
Small ajustments in and around your house like laying a floor, placing skirting-boards or install or divert a watertube
Helping out tidying/ cleaning your attic or shed and possibly transport redundant things to the local dump
Transporting things from or to your house


But also:
Bring you somewhere
Do your groceries
Some household work
Walk your dog. For example when I'm allready at work at your house I find it no trouble to go for a walk with your dog(s)
Write a letter
Assemble a piece of (IKEA-)furniture
Put a painting on the wall
Make your bike tire
Etc, etc.

Getting acquainted

Our acquaintance conversation, my advise and discussing your wishes are free of charge. After our talk you can decide whether you would like me to help you or assist you and pick a date. On my Referencepage there is a selection of reviews, comments by people where I did one or more different jobs.