On this page there is a selection of reactions (references) on jobs I did at peoples homes. You can The images with a shade around them give acces to a small slideshow. By clicking right or left you move through the images. By clicking beside on of the images you leave the slideshow.

Cleaning the front of the house, washing the windows and painting the frontdoor in Eindhoven

"Marc works fast and precise. The front of my house looks great.
I had no time to do this and was glad Marc could do it for mee."
Joris, Eindhoven

warande 34

Renovation of the back of a house and painting the metal fence in the frontyard of the same house

"Marc works precise, tidy and fast. My compliments! I'm so glad it is finally fixed."

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Inside and outside paintwork and several small jobs

Thanks for your effort on the paintwork at our house.
We are glad you found the bad spots (rotten wood) other painters didn't and you repaired it very nicely.
We are also very pleased how you consult with us about the jobs.
If we would recommend you to others we would use the following keywords:

Does a good job
Works precise and tidy
Is very good at renovating weak spots in the wood.
Works hard
Is a nice person to have around
Is cooperative
Is flexible"

Mevr. Prat Ramon-Bertrams

Replacing and finishing (painting) a window-frame (and glass) in a gardenshed in Helmond

"Marc replaced the window-frame (and glass) skilfully and precisely. I am very satisfied."
Jeroen, Sperwerstraat, Helmond



Paintwork (mostly walls) and several small jobs in and around the house in Eindhoven

"Because we wanted to sell our house Marc did a number of (paint)jobs in and around the house. He executed them fast and skillfully. Both our house and our garden looked like new!"
Erwin en Ginny, Warande, Eindhoven

Removing a wooden gardenfence in Eindhoven

"We  ordered a new gardenfence and the old one needed to be removed without destrying all the plants. Marc works hard, knows how to work the right way and to tackle problems. He consults with us carefully also about price and costs. Fast, nice to have around, reliably and in the neighbourhood!" Myrthe, Franka en Peter, Moggendries, Eindhoven


Making a gardendoorway in Eindhoven

"Marc made a gardendoorway much broader than a regular one. Later on the doorway lowered a little on one side and we told Marc this. One day later he fixed it and from that day on the door works well." Henk en Han, Warande, Eindhoven

Painting (touch up) and cleaning wooden parts of a house

"We are selling our house and asked Marc to do some touch up painting. Marc advised us to clean al the woodwork. After the job the house looked really freshed up! One of the the good things about Marc is that he takes us, as clients, very seriously." Hans en Ineke